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>Administración – Shark B

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Administración – Shark B

The project students in 6th A "Economic and business" area worked for during this year as a STEAM project is called "Shark B". For these project students had to create their own business, they were asked that this business helped solve a need for members of the Cumbres San Javier Community, be it students, teachers, parents, or former students. This work required the students to identify a need in the community and create a product or service that would satisfy this need. This took most of the first semester. In the second semester students also built a prototype of a functional part of their company and designed a communication campaign for their company, which included an ad or invitation.


General Agenda

Day 2 - 18 May

08.00-10.00 1-Secundaria

Day 2 - 18 May

08.00-09.30 2-Secundaria

Day 2 - 18 May

09.00-11.00 3A-Secundaria

Day 2 - 18 May

09.30-11.00 3B-Secundaria

Day 3 - 19 May

08.00-09.00 2A-Bachillerato

Day 3 - 19 May

08.00-09.00 2B-Bachillerato

Day 3

09.00-10.00 4A-Bachillerato

Day 3 - 19 May

09.00-10.00 4B-Bachillerato

Day 3 - 19 May

08.00-09.30 Área Administrativa

Day 3 - 19 May

08.00-09.00 Área Físico-Matemático

Day 3 - 19 May

08.00-09.30 Área Humanidades


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